Maps, Documents and Pictures from Pomeranian History

Pomeranian Borders: from 1000 to 1939
World War II in Eastern Pomerania: Russian Map of 1945
German Settlement and Municipal Law: in the 13th Century
Bishop Otto von Bamberg (12th Century),: Missionary in Pomerania
Ruins of the Eldena Monastry (near Greifswald),: founded in the 12th Century
Duke Bogislaw X. (1454-1523), : Peak of the Griffins Rulership
Dr. Johannes Bugenhagen (16. Jhd.),: the Reformer of Pomerania
King Gustav Adolf of Sweden: landing in Pomerania 1630
Ernst Moritz Arndt (1769-1860),: Pomeranian, Prussian and German Patriot (7k)
Pomerania, divided between Germany and Poland: Before and after 1945
Pomeranian Provinces in Poland 1999: West Pomerania and Pomerania
The Pomeranian Colors:: Blue and white with the red Griffin