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Jews in Gross Tuchen

According to "Where Once We Walked" by Gary Mokotoff (1991, Avotaynu, Inc., N.J.) the whole Kreis Buetow had a Jewish population of 114 around the year 1930. Although there were never many Jews in Gross Tuchen, the following information has been discovered:

- Abraham Wolf was until 1887 the owner of the Wolf Grocery Store, which was later run by his widow and two daughters.

- Nathan Jakobi was until 1906 the owner of the Wolf Grocery Store.

- The Rosen family was present until 1938, but since then there were few traces: In the Land Register Book for Groß Tuchen, Volume 5, Sheet 148, 168/10 and 168/55: Louis alias Adolf Rosen - Henrietta nee Rosen - Karl Rosen - Max Rosen.

In the report by Emil Trapp (former mayor of Gross Tuchen before 1945 and Representative for the German Federal Government for the Damages from the Expulsion According to the Reparations Law) in 1958 and 1961 is included a "Directory of Families" in Gross Tuchen up to 1945. Listed are the names Rosen, Adolf and Rosen, Max. Furthermore under the Much Tavern: "In about 1888 Vehlow sold the tavern to the Rosen. Rosen sold the business and the land that belonged to it during the last war to Oskar Genee".

It has been said that at the time of the "Crystal Night" windows were broken out at Rosen's in Gross Tuchen.

According to very vague reports members of the Rosen family escaped to South America before the war. Someone from Gross Tuchen is said to have met Mr. Rosen in Berlin after 1938.

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