Red Griffin in the banner of Duke Kasimir VI of Stettin, used in the battle of Tannenberg 1410.

Kurze Geschichte Pommerns:
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Groß Tuchen:
History, culture, sociology and genealogy
of a town in Easter Pomerania 

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Short History of Pomerania

1. Early History and Christianity in Pomerania: up to 1173
2. Pomerania between Poland, Denmark, Saxony and Brandenburg: 1135 - 1194
3. The German Settlement of Pomerania: 1150 - 1350
4. From the Middle of the 13th Century to the Death of Bogislaw X: 1250 - 1523
5. The Era of Reformation and Religious Wars: 1500 - 1657
6. Pomerania under Prussian and Swedish Rule: 1648 - 1815
7. Pomerania as a Prussian Province: 1815 - 1945
8. Pomerania divided between Germany and Poland: since 1945
Maps, Documents and Pictures: from Pomerania's History

Dr. Ludwig Biewer
(here on a seminar in Varzin/Rummelsburg 2003)

President of  Gesellschaft für Pommersche Geschichte,
Altertumskunde und Kunst E.V. in Greifswald

Bonn 1997, ISBN 3-925 103-86-4

© Edited and published in the internet 2002
by Heinz Radde
with permission of Dr. Ludwig Biewer
Bonn 1997, ISBN 3-925 103-86-4 (German Version)

This document was translated from German into English in 2002 by
- Carolyn Casperson in Banning, California/USA (revisions)
- Virginia Easley DeMarce, Ph.D., in Arlington, Virginia/USA (2,4,5)
- Katharina Hines in Rogers, Arkansas/USA (3,6,7)
- Fred Jackman in Henderson, Nevada/USA (8)
- Heinz Radde in Kuettigen, Aargau/Switzerland (revisions)
- Joachim Schubert in Ontario/Canada (1 and revision)