History and Sociology

History of Pomerania: by Dr. Ludwig Biewer
History of Gross Tuchen: 700 Years of the Village
Rulers of Gross Tuchen: From 1080 on up to now
Sociological Data: Farmers, Craftsmen and Trade; Land and People
Property, Cultivation and Forest: in District Koeslin (1937)
Pictures and Maps: Gross Tuchen, County of Buetow and Pomerania
Jews: Respected and oppressed
Personalities: They worked in Gross Tuchen and around
Kashubs: The Slavian Pomeranians
Milestones in Pomeranian History: with particular attention to Lauenburg and Buetow

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Gross Tuchen - a Village in Eastern Pomerania: History, Sociology, Culture, Genealogy