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1. The Administrative Divisions of the Municipality :
2. Personal and farm histories:
3. Commerce:
4. Churches, cemeteries and monuments:
5. Traffic and bodies of water:
6. Occupations of the inhabitants:
7. Directory of families:
8. Sources for personal information:
WHO LIVED WHERE ? (with drawing):
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Groß Tuchen:
Geschichte, Kultur, Soziologie und Genealogie
eines Dorfes in Hinterpommern

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Land and People in Gross Tuchen before 1945
Reported by EMIL TRAPP
(with minor changes and additions by Heinz Radde / Switzerland)
Translated by Leslie A. Riggle / Kansas, USA

Copy of a handwritten report by Emil Trapp (*1877, + around 1963) former mayor of Gross Tuchen
before 1945).
Written in Hoffnungstal/Cologne in May 1961 from his recollections of his
home village of, Gross Tuchen.
Until 1950 Emil Trapp was a Federal German Government representative for
damages and reparations concerning refugees. He initiated reports and a
detailed plan of action. This report is a private collection of initiatives
for the West German authorities


1. The Administrative Divisions of the Municipality
2. Personal and farm histories
2.1. Village Mill
2.2. Village official's residence
2.3. Schlücker farmstead
2.4. Karl Schlutt farmstead
2.5. Matthias Schlutt farmstead
2.6. Eduard Schlutt farmstead
2.7. Heinrich Schlutt farmstead
2.8. Johann Polzin farmstead
2.9. Johann Limberg farmstead
2.10. Gottlieb Limberg farmstead
2.11. Farmsteads of the Obermühle (Upper Mill)
2.11.1. Barske farmstead
2.11.2. Durawa farmstead
2.11.3. Pelz farmstead
2.11.4. Radde farmstead
2.12. Farmsteads of Wiesenthal
2.12.1. P. Biastoch farmstead
2.12.2. M. Gaul farmstead
2.12.3 Heinrich Jantz farmstead
2.12.4. Fritz Kautz farmstead
2.13. Adlich Gross Tuchen (Gross Tuchen nobility)
2.14. Wohrlanden forest enclave (Kautz and Sikorski)
2.15. Jungingen forestry area
3. Commerce
3.1. Dorfkrug (tavern)
3.2. Gasthof Much
3.3. Wolf grocery store
3.4. Butcher shop
3.5. Bakery
3.6. Medical Services
3.7. Pharmacy
3.8. Black Smith Shops
3.9. Wheelwright (wagonmaker)
3.10. Tailor shop
3.11. Obermühle (Upper mill)
4. Churches, cemeteries and monuments
4.1. Lutheran Church
4.2. Catholic Church
4.3. Cemeteries
4.4. Monuments
5. Traffic and bodies of water
5.1. Railroads
5.2. Highways
5.3. Lakes
5.4. Rivers
6. Occupations of the inhabitants of Gross Tuchen in 1945
6.1. Agriculture
6.2. Agriculture as a second occupation
6.3. Artisans and businesses
7. Directory of Gross Tuchen families in 1945
8. Sources for Gross Tuchen personal information
8.1. Church registries
8.2. Land deeds